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from our parents and students

"Felicia is a very effective and passionate piano teacher.  With her extensive knowledge and experience, she can make a quick assessment of her students' strengths and weaknesses. She can  form a personalized learning plan for each of her students to improve faster and to achieve more. With her guidance, my son has improved his piano playing skills quickly in a short time.  Her true passion also makes piano playing more enjoyable. Thanks Felicia! Wish we found you sooner!"

- Kiti

 "My daughter's sight reading was poor before we knew Felicia. It took her several weeks to learn a piece of music.  After she started to learn with Felicia, in less than two months, my daughter became such a fluent note-reader that she can learn several new songs in one week (not that kind of short simple music). Since then, it has been a routine for her to play new pieces of music to her class in school every week, while other kids are still playing the same simple song week after week. This made her very confident in school. Playing piano not only improves one's cognitive ability, it helps build strong positive personality and characteristics. Felicia's teaching method makes learning piano more enjoyable in a very efficient way!"

- Heather

"Felicia has the 'magic touch' with teaching children music.  My daughter has won first place at Little Mozart Competition and all credit goes to her.  I remember distinctly: my daughter came back from one session with Felicia, and the difference in her playing was so dramatic that I said to myself, "What did Felicia do??  HOW did she do it??!!"

 - Irene

"Serena started lessons with Ms. Felicia this January. She has had previous piano lessons for years, and it was getting difficult to feel passion to continue the piano. However, for the first time in a long time, she loves to play again. Felicia’s teaching style is very lively and passionate, and she is knowledgeable in what she does. She teaches how to use the muscles of the hand and arm so that Serena won’t hurt them can will also sound good. Her lessons have no dull moments – 45 minutes goes really fast. Now, Serena’s performance is getting flawless, and she actually enjoys practicing. We are looking forward continuing lessons with Ms. Felicia."

- Ikuko 


"With Felicia's summer piano training course, the children's progress is rapid, and parents are constantly surprised. In her teaching process, I feel that she cultivates good learning habits, attitudes, and ways of doing things, and she sets a new definition for piano teachers. Felicia combines her experience and theoretical innovation to train students in both piano and behavior, making good habits that reduce wasted time and energy, and improve children's learning efficiency. Felicia often tells stories that make concepts easy for the child to understand and uses accurate metaphors: playing table tennis for decisive judgments; a golf swing that is done in one fell swoop for creating a beautiful coherent melody like; stroking a beloved pet for the correct feel of the piano keys. In short, piano learning is a kind of expression and exchange of love, and I wish all children and parents a wonderful journey of the heart." 

- Mei Ming

"Felicia - for our family - has been a member, not only a teacher. She uses her heart as well as unique methods to educate. My kids have been not only leaning piano, but learning how to become well-rounded, mentally and physically. The difference I witnessed is that my kids can concentrate and sight read much longer and efficiently, while doing other things. Thanks!"

- Sophie

"Our son Matthew has appreciated the joy of learning through Felicia’s teaching. She is patient, encouraging and stretches him to do better every lesson!"

- Marianne 



"My daughter, Annie, and I met Mrs. Zhang in her Greenwich studio. I loved her energy, optimism, and fun approach to teaching young students. In less than one month, Annie had seven lessons and practiced 59 beginner's pieces and all of it was done with joy. Even after the evening lesson, Annie would ask in the car on the way home, "May I play the piano when I get home?".


The next three months of Annie's piano learning were miraculous. My daughter, under the guidance of Mrs. Zhang, learned with ease and was continuously able to play more complex pieces. The teacher's common sense approach to learning makes all the difference. Mrs. Zhang encourages her students to be confident in their abilities and when this confidence is combined with smart instruction, practice and the joy of creating music, student's progress increases exponentially. Expectations and pace of study are not set in advance, but each student progresses on their own. Mrs. Zhang is tuned in with a student and adjusts the rigor and pace at each lesson.


Mrs. Zhang's focus is not only on teaching her students to play music, but also teaching them to be performers: how to conduct themselves as if they were on the stage each time they play, how to react when one makes a mistake (just keep on playing!), and how to always show the best of you, which translates well into other aspects of life."

- Mia

My name is Christina Zhong, and I am in tenth grade at Edgemont High School. In my free time, I like to golf, read, or play music. Ever since I was little, music has been a large part of my life. The only difference throughout the years was what kind of a role music played in my life. 


When I lived in Canada, piano class was a dreadful thing to me, since I didn’t necessarily love my teacher. She was strict, and painted music in a lifeless, colorless way. After I passed my 10th grade piano exam, playing piano became a thing of the past. This was true up until ninth grade, when I moved to New York, and when I decided to give piano another chance. 


My new piano teacher, Felicia Zhang, opened a door to a different way of seeing music. For the first time in my life, I started to like piano. She showed me how there was more to music than just the ink on the paper. Because of her, I discovered that there was more to music than just practicing. I discovered a place in my mind where notes trickled over pebbles in a stream, where birds sang their hearts out, where wild horses thundered over open fields, and where chords billowed in the wind.  Music was no longer something that I dreaded, but became something that I had grown to love. 


I found true happiness in playing music. 



It came to me that the happiness that one finds in playing music is something that nothing else can bring, and it is this happiness that I hope everyone can experience at least once in their lives. This is why my friend and I have founded Piano Village, a non-profit organization to bring this happiness to more people. We believe that everyone deserves to experience the exhilaration that playing music brings, and it is this exhilaration that we are working to spread. I hope that we could open at least a few more doors for a few more people, and to turn a few more frowns upside down through the sound of music. 

Christina Zhong, student

THANK YOU to all of our students and parents!

Ian Shum
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