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Music has brought happiness and understanding to my life, and I teach to share with you my passion and appreciation for the piano. It is a joy to walk alongside students and parents through the empowering journey of learning this wonderful instrument.


I seek to develop student confidence and independence and help the student discover connections between music and all other aspects of life. I founded the All Talent Academy as an opportunity for students to recognize and cultivate individual strengths and enrich not only their study of music, but also their school, family, and community lives.


Joy, focus, and ease should characterize the mood of piano learning so that students can open their ears and follow the teacher. I view the piano as a learning toy or tool that shapes mindsets, ear and eye sensitivity, learning habits, manners, emotional understanding, and expression. My FFZF method goes beyond the usual progression through notes and pieces; instead, each lesson takes a holistic approach tailored to age group. Through my piano core literacy training, students cultivate their ability for independent learning to the point at which they can play instantly and explore a variety of music repertoires with confidence. Just like in learning how to swim, once you know how, you may swim in a sea, a river, or a pool. Each stage of my music education program moves painlessly and quickly.


Through many years of professional training, experience, and research, I have discovered invaluable strategies for effective and efficient piano practicing. By integrating a variety of educational fields into music study, I help my students find the joy of learning piano smoothly and playing expressively from the start. My students fall in love with piano practice, improve faster, and play confidently from the earliest stages of learning. Professional educators, music institutions, parents, and students have recognized my success.


I grew up listening to my mother, award-winning piano educator Prof. Wenju Sui--piano professor.   From her and my brother, Prof. Jin Zhang, world-renowned piano educator and master coach at Beijing Central Conservatory, I have inherited many educational concepts.  I have been through professional educational training with two double master degrees in Piano Performance and Pedagogy both in China and US.


I have strategies not only from world-class piano masters but also from my interactions with elite athletes and scholars of all kinds. These tactics lead to rapid progress in piano, academic, and athletic achievement. And they have helped me as a parent to my children, Clara and Alexander Tu. Clara Tu, age 14, has been featured on the NBC Today Show and Fox News and has performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and Madison Square Garden. She also achieved professional standard National Gold Medal in Piano Elementary Pedagogy Certification and Artiest Diploma in Piano Performance (ARCT) from Royal Conservatory of Music Program. She was recently accepted to attend Phillips Academy Andover. Alexander, age 13, Eastern Middle School 7th grader, honor students as well as in CTY and CDT Talent Program. Both children are model students and, most importantly, they are well rounded, happy, and positive. I always tell my children: when you are kind, when you maintain an open mind and a good attitude, possibilities are wide open to you.

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