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We believe that the piano is the perfect medium- an educational and “life lesson tool” to help students discover the beauty of music and help them realize their talents and abilities as well.

Ms. Zhang learned from a very early age that in life, one must be centered, true to oneself, confident in life, not afraid to try new things. While learning how to play the piano or any instrument is a valuable talent to have, the more significant lessons in life are to develop good habits; attention to detail, creativity, time-management, learning to listen and solve problems, persistence, the ability to focus and good manners. 


Nearly 50% of students taking music lessons quit after 2 years, according to Music Parents Guide. Often students find the constant practicing too tedious or boring and many may lack the necessary sight- reading skills to succeed, which can be very frustrating.


Felicia Feng’s experience in music and passion for teaching helps students want to practice and helps them enjoy playing the piano. Felicia Feng’s method is based on the “5 Cores Theory” to train and develop the student’s learning journey and growth, which are Eyes- Ears- Mind- Fingers- Feelings, and the 3EFM Method’s 9 principles: 3E: Efficiency, Effectiveness, Enthusiasm, 3F: Focus, Follow, Flow and 3 M: Mindset, Manners, Motivation. With this approach it is common for students as young as three to be sight-reading and playing with both hands within a short amount of time.


Our priority is to build a solid learning foundation by developing the skills needed for easy and enjoyable piano playing. And while students may gain extraordinary mastery of the piano, these same skills will show up in every aspect of their lives.



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Learn easily:

  • Problems are diagnosed and solved quickly

  • Method is tailored to students' needs

  • Emphasis on holistic learning capabilities makes learning easy


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Learn quickly:

  • Solid learning foundation makes progress easy

  • Formation of good habits saves time and effort

  • Natural, "organic" learning approach accelerates playing abilities


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Learn with enjoyment:

  • Ease of learning makes practicing fun

  • Strong fundamental skills raise confidence and enjoyment in playing 

  • Enthusiastic, knowledgeable teachers increase student involvement



  • Ear and eye awareness

  • Multi-tasking skills

  • Concentration

  • Confidence

  • Coordination

  • Rigorous thinking

  • Multiple-intelligent skill development

  • Spontaneous sight reading and playing with both hands

  • Intuitive feel for rhythm and timing

  • Natural flow and execution

  • Balanced yet bold expression 

  • Deep understanding of the music 

  • Steady control

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