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Piano Core Literacy Education Fundamentals


Our Piano Core Literacy Education program teaches piano using cross-disciplinary skills that students need in everyday life. By integrating a variety of educational field, this program creates strategies for effective and efficient piano practicing, and students find the joy of learning piano smoothly and playing expressively from the start. They also improve faster and play confidently from the earliest stages of learning. Beginning as early as 3 years old, our piano program uses core literacy skills to teach:

  • Spontaneous sight reading and playing with both hands

  • Intuitive feel for rhythm and timing

  • Natural flow and execution

  • Balanced yet bold expression 

  • Deep understanding of the music 

  • Steady control

  • Ear and eye awareness

  • Multi-tasking skills

  • Concentration

  • Confidence

  • Coordination

  • Rigorous thinking

  • Multiple-intelligent skill development

Private Lessons are available both in-person and online.

LaWilla: Piano Program for Early Childhood

All the life abilities and academic skills require good learning habits built from early childhood at the very first lesson.

LaWilla Piano Program

LaWilla is a holistic piano program specially designed by Felicia Zhang to introduce preschoolers to the piano and develop multi-intelligent skills. With a fun and easy method, students make progress in literacy, math, and motor abilities, while also developing good attitudes and habits.  

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CLEF for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Ages 3-5 

Private or group lessons available

CLEF for Elementary School

Ages 6-9

Private or group lessons available

CLEF for Middle School

Ages 10-13

Private or group lessons available

CLEF for High School

Ages 14-18

Private or group lessons available

CLEF for Adults

Ages 18+

Private or group lessons available

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