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Our method delivers the concepts of music theory in three ways that allow learning with ease. We teach music theory to students of all levels using these three conceptual dimensions:

1. Academic Theory - like language grammar.

2. Practical Theory - musical grammar transformed into real music playing. Find examples in the music score and know how to use this information in playing and reading music.

3. Life-skills Connections - understand the principles of these important elements as they relate to other aspects of life, like finding balance, patterns, and direction. 


 **Video conference available for non-local/international students, or for students who find this option more convenient. Book a private appointment for individualized attention and concentrated theory help.** ​

Music Theory Tutoring

Felicia Zhang's condensed, reorganized, and efficient theory tutoring for musicians, singers, and composers of all ages.

Specialized tutoring for Standard Board AP Music Theory students. 

Specialized tutoring for Royal Conservatory students. 

Music Exam Preparation

Master theory's primary elements to assist your regular music study, plus prep for Music Exams (Certifications and AP Music Theory tests) in this condensed music theory course.

Prepare for:

  • AP Music Theory tests

  • Royal Conservatory Music Development Program - RCM

  • Certificate of Merit - CA State Exam

  • MAP - CT Exam

  • National Guild Program


  • Australia AMEB Exam

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Music Theory Express

We have an entire website dedicated to our innovative music theory learning method! Find more programs, purchase our method books, and discover learning opportunities at 


Efficient and Effective Sight Reading and Playing

One of our method's most unique characteristics is making sight-reading easy. This course focuses only on improving student's sight-reading ability, allowing them to read music quickly and effortlessly in a short amount of time. 

Ear Awareness

Comprehensive ear training to develop an intuitive understanding of music theory. A crucial skill for for musicians, singers, and composers of all ages.

Specialized ear training for music exam students. 

Rhythm and Body Movement for Musicians and Conductors

For musicians and conductors of all ages. Explore the depths of rhythm and the ways in which our minds and bodies connect to it. Learn to play and conduct with an intuitive sense of rhythm and natural grace. 

Holistic and Imaginative Conducting for Children

Children learn how to conduct music while engaging their whole mind and body and developing multi-intelligent skills. 

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