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Wyatt Chen
AGE:   4 Years Old
HOMETOWN:  Mamaroneck, NY

Wyatt Chen is a 4 year old boy who loves piano.

After demonstrating an interest and talent in playing the piano, Wyatt began taking lessons with professional piano teacher Felicia Feng Zhang, NCTM in Greenwich, CT. Under Ms. Zhang’s teaching, Wyatt won First Place in the Crescendo International Little Mozarts Competition, performing at Carnegie Hall in May of 2019 and is preparing to sit for the Royal Conservatory of Music Level 4 assessment.

In May 0f 2019, Wyatt participated in the Chinese TV Show "The Teen's Talent Show" broadcast live over YouTube. Wyatt was the youngest competitor, advancing to the second round after surprising the judges by performing Carulli's "Vivace" while blindfolded.

We wish Wyatt and his family the best as they move to California. Wyatt will continue to take lessons online with Ms. Zhang, and continue to grow his skills, musicality, and as a wonderful person! 

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