At All Talent Academy, we will work with you and your child for your child's best interest. Our services include consultations for helping your child determine a path for his or her future. Even if your child does not intend to pursue a career in music or the arts, we can provide diagnosis and analysis of your child's strengths, weaknesses, and special talents, and plan a path which considers education plans and crucial steps for success in whatever field they choose. 

Music Planning for Private School and College

One-on-one consultation with Felicia Zhang to prepare a plan of action for your high-school or college-aged child who plans on studying music. Define a clear path for your child's higher education, and they'll learn tips for exams, auditions, and getting into their top school.   

Talent Identification and Planning for Pre-Elementary Readiness

One-on-one consultation with Felicia Zhang to prepare your child for a strong start in elementary school.

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With an extensive career teaching at universities and colleges, Felicia introduces the concepts of her unique philosophies and method to music educators of all levels. Hosting master classes and training workshops, Felicia Zhang offers opportunities for educators to expand their understanding of music, teaching, and learning. 

Teachers' Training Workshops

Workshops and training courses for music educators conducted by Felicia Zhang. Topics vary throughout the year. 

Masters Classes

Various topics on music and education, conducted by Felicia Zhang. 

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