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Intensive Courses

Our week-long Music Intensives teaches and develops all disciplines of music, from piano to singing to conducting, composition and more! Open to students of all ages and ability level.

This program is designed for students to build good learning habits, explore instruments and develop a variety of musical skills, as well as overall aptitude and wellness in all aspects of life.

  • They will play piano, drum, Melodion, and sing.

  • They will feel the rhythm through the movement and conducting.

  • They will sing a song and be able to play piano while singing. (This is quite an accomplishment!)

  • They will sing in a chorus and learn to conduct.

  • They will learn the connections between music, logic, and math.

  • They will learn simple songs from American, Chinese, Jewish and other cultures.

  • They will be trained in working towards accuracy and efficiency. They will also build good learning habits, learn music and stage etiquette, and build confidence for performances and for every-day life.

  • They will learn how to coach each other, help each other, and work together in a positive musical environment.

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