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Musical Core Literacy Education and Talent Development for All Ages

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Music Intensive Programs, weekly classes, and private lessons for all ages and skill levels!

Congratulations to our founder  Felicia Feng Zhang on recently being named a 2020 "Teacher of Distinction" by the Royal Conservatory of Music!

Schubert Impromptu Op.90, No.2 - performed by student Peter Liu
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All Talent Academy is a unique music and talent development school, helping students to learn how to play, and enjoy playing the piano, providing a holistic education that goes beyond what traditional music schools offer. Students acquire important life skills such as time management, listening, organizational skills, persistence, the ability to focus, and good manners in addition to learning the piano. 


Learning music becomes easy and enjoyable as students build these necessary life skills that ultimately helps to instill confidence and self-assurance in everyday living. Ms. Zhang is an expert in identifying and developing children's natural talents. Her passion for music and expertise in teaching benefits all students even with children as young as 3 years of age.  

Although we specialize in using the piano as a tool for life-skill development, we also offer a broad range of music and talent development programs, including speech and communication, music theory classes, performance preparation, conducting with rhythm, teacher training workshops, and more.


No matter what program you join at All Talent Academy, our unique teaching methods guarantees the ease of efficient learning and an enjoyable experience. All Talent Academy has locations in Southbury, CT and Greenwich/Stamford, CT.


Our method works because it is more than just a teaching and learning philosophy. It is a living, working, individualized method of instruction.        Felicia's 5 Cores/3EFM Program of Focus, Follow and Flow is designed to be an active plan for your success.
The principles of Etiquette, Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Enthusiasm, are at the foundation of our approach to teaching and learning. 
Focus, Follow, and Flow are key concepts and skills which you will learn at different stages in your learning. Together, they will lead to your success!

Learning correctly from the beginning will save your time and energy!


Book an evaluation for a diagnostic assessment of your natural talents, identification of your strengths and weaknesses, and determination of your individual development, learning preferences, and goals. 


Felicia Feng Zhang

National Professionally Certified Piano and Theory Teacher

from National Music Teachers Association, American College of Musicians, and National Guild of Piano Teachers

National Gold Medals' Teacher of the Year 2017, 2018

from Royal Conservatory of Music

Congratulations on recently being named a 2020 "Teacher of Distinction" by the Royal Conservatory of Music,

and being named a 2021 "Top Teacher" by Steinway & Sons"!

Felicia Zhang has been teaching piano for 30 years, in both China and the United States. After an extensive career in music education, Felicia founded All Talent Academy as a platform for her musical philosophies and unique teaching methods. Finding that many teaching methods leave students frustrated and without passion, Felicia built All Talent Academy on the principles of effectiveness, efficiency, and enthusiasm, and the belief that with the right approach to learning, music can be easy and enjoyable for everyone.


Felicia's 3F method of Focus, Follow, and Flow, offers a holistic approach that builds good habits and makes learning a natural, easy, and enjoyable process. Her students' success, both in their personal lives and in musical performances, testifies to the effectiveness of her method. She is currently Vice President of Connecticut State Music Teachers Association. 

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